Gather Your Community

It’s never an easy journey this thing called life. Up, down and all other ways about, we end up a vessel full of experiences. In this huge learning curve we are embarking on, I have as my partner-in-crime a truly wonderful being. We do not always see eye to eye on what should be a priority and what is, “just a suggestion for down the track,” but we compromise and argue some more and a bit more compromise and a big old cuddle each night before we sleep. This sees us a tight team. He is that hand that when I am the only one left on the other side of the fence, when all others have run off, he’s that hand reaching back over to ensure I get through safely…sometimes it takes a minute for that hand to appear but appear it always does. This little blurb is my pride on what he and his closest mates have accomplished so far.

Our first renovation plan of the Stomp was to remove the tiny roll out window in the southern container and replace with a sliding door. The house is on a rise above the billabong with the south facing air currents coming across the water and up into the house.



Even on a very hot summer’s day this current is always cool. It seemed ridiculous to not open that south facing wall right up to allow both light (badly needed) and air flow (also badly needed). So open up we did. Although I had only envisaged a 2 metre-ish door, we ended up picking up a good, used 3 metre door on the super dooper cheap, and I am so glad we went bigger. I should just trust in the process and let George go for it. I’m the organiser, the voice of reason, the sometimes nag (bossyboots?). I like things planned and in order. A change in door size is a whole domino effect to me. Will wood come in that length? Will the container be able to take such a big glass space? Will this? Will that? George? He’s just like, “Relax babe. It’s all good,” and it usually is. Dontchahatethat?!

In this case it certainly was.

The next phase was adding the deck and pergola. After a lot of planning and discussion and with the help of Joe and his CAD, the vision in George’s thoughts on how he wanted to construct his, first ever, build came to life. Armed with a trailer load of timber, a circular saw, a drop saw, shovels, a sound system and a gennie, the boys began sawing and digging. I love watching them work together. They drink beer and I am sure entirely inappropriate at times, but seeing that sense of community, that mateship, well, I just love it. I am currently building a small reserve in the front yard (more on that in a later update) and it seemed that each time that I went around the back so much more had been done. That decking frame was going up in quick pace.


A few more weekends work and the decking part is finished and I LOVE IT!!!!!! They have done an incredible job. It is planned as to not take away the view of the billabong and it doesn’t. She’s pretty big at 300sqft. Bring on summer and sleeping out on a cool deck when it reaches 40 degrees.

Next we add the roof and steps. We are going to line the height of the front of the deck with sheet metal to match our steam punk house.

This whole project has been a display of friendship, community and brainstorming. The Stomp crew, both the ladies and the fellas, are all amazing in their individuality, but together we are phenomenal!

The new puppy is settling in really well. He is a big boy but Gypsy our JRT is keeping him in line. All is calm in the Stomp animal world.

Lastly a big shout out to our American Stomp crew, Misty and Davo. We are missing you way too much. It’s time to come back to Australia to stay. “Davo’s Place” campground is way too empty, guys.

Until next time


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