Wisterias, Whipper Snippers and the Great Entry Genesis.


In the house yard are two old wisterias. One is pulling down the fence and isn’t really in a good location, besides the damage its doing. I’d rather have the view of the water than an ornamental tree. It has spread madly and needs to go!


The other is interesting (above). Amongst it is 3 old metal strung bed bases that have at some point been stood up and were going to be used as a house entry. This clearly never happened and over many, many years the wisteria has grown up and through and around it….and forgotten about.

Currently the entry of the house is through the back, or maybe it’s the front!

James, Gypsy and Dynamite coming in the front gate (or is it the back?)

It was the only entry except for the laundry door which is on the western side of the container’s extension.


Now that we have the deck on I have decided I want the house entry to be at the back, or is it the front? This means people will enter from the deck straight into the lounge room, which I prefer.

Before deckimage

Investigating the mess inside the wisteria I also found a gate that was made to fit, but again, never happened and ended up caught in the wisteria tendril mess. However, I got it in my head that the new entry was coming through that wisteria and that was it. It HAD to freaking happen!!! Where to start?

For my birthday in Oct I asked for a mini, simple whipper snipper. Yes, yes we have a whipper snipper, in fact we have a really good Stihl multi head system that does everything, but I am 5ft and small. Now I don’t know about other ladies but that bloody Stihl is like wielding some kind of scary, vibrating, jousting lance for me, and as for the whole changing cord thang! Nope! But I needed some tools to suit me. I found the Fiskars secateurs and lopers light and easy for small hands. George bought me a very small, simple, inexpensive Ozito brand (Bunnings) snipper which came with a little blower (the Stihl blower pretty much blows me backwards!!). No cord, no fuel, small blades that wear down to nothing so no bits and pieces of cord around the place. Clip on clip off. It is battery powered which is great since our power to charge it is free. This little thing totally punches above its weight! I think we are all surprised at the length of time the battery lasts, the ease of the blade replacement and the oomph it has for its size (bit like me). Sooooo, armed with these new Beth sized tools and my trusty work overalls and boots I headed off to tackle the beast. It didn’t look positive. The ground litter caught up in the bed bases was about 1/2 metre deep and even getting into it, to be able to clear, meant clearing a way in.

Three days work and I have it cleared, leaf litter back to ground zero and a gorgeous entryway has opened up through the tree foliage. The house fence blocks off the other side, which I haven’t started on yet. Much much more mowing, snipping, pruning and clearing to go.



Colour. Bright and many. This is what I love. My intention from here is to paint the bed frames in different colours and make some rainbow wind chimes or other pretties to hang in the branches and on the old mattress spring thing. It’s just the beginning of what I intend for the entry to Wombat Stomp. I’m also thinking a cob wall on the outer side. I’ve seen some cool shaped, contoured fence walls made from shaped hay bales covered in cob and we have plenty of clay (tested-house grade), but now I’m just getting ahead of myself….and that’s my fave thing to do. The entry to the Stomp is my newest solo project and it’s going to be a ripper!!!!

This weekend, though, we party! Happy birthday Stompers George and Adi (you can check out the Stomp crew on the crew page). May we gather in peace and love.

George getting his DJ on at one of The Stomp parties.


For those heading up please be aware there are turtles, shingle backs and snakes on the move right now. They are all over the roads. Respect them, help them off the road, if safe (well, leave the snakes to their devices but the shingles and turtles can be ushered across in the direction they are going).
To everyone else….I’m signing off to party. Oh yes, there will be pics! Be afraid Stompers, be very afraid 🙂

Lastly I leave you with a few of my wombat baby friends 🙂

Tora, Frankie, BJ and Woody

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Until next time,


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